Mobile Apps and Cloud Services for your IOT application

IOT APPS specializes in building custom IOT applications. This ranges from the development of Mobile Apps and Cloud Apps to customized IOT platforms with a wide range of functionalities such as configuring devices (e.g. sensors), controlling devices, reading sensor data from devices and smartphones and any interactions with users via mobile and web. We work from Eindhoven, the heart of the Brainport region.


Your IOT challenge as a starting point

For us, a journey starts with understanding the customer's goals and the context of the application. This is followed by more technical matters such as the various wireless connections, small and large loads, large amounts of data and the associated scalability and of course costs. Operational costs are always considered an integral part of the development process.

We listen

First of all, we listen to what you want to achieve. We ask critical questions and often a valuable discussion arises.

We develop together

In the IoT development process, multiple parties are often involved. We are used to dealing with different parties and taking into account the various perspectives in which the customer is central. We try to work as much as possible with short delivery cycles for optimal involvement of the customer and other stakeholders.

We keep asking questions

IOT processes come in many shapes and sizes. We look at the entire process together with the customer and provide the knowledge and skills to complete your plans and make the right choices. We do this based on our extensive experience as an IOT developer, from user experience to the use of various wireless technologies.


Some example projects with IOT Mobile Apps

PhaseFour previously worked on 'Internet Of Things', Internet and Mobile projects for:
ABB   Andes   ANWB   Arcadis   BRS   Shower radar   Case mix   Covebo   Crescent   Doglex   E-plus   Eindhovensdagblad   eBuddy   Epyon   Falk plan   Funck   Funda   Gehry Technologies    Hunterskil Howard   Info plan   Innotive   Jasno   JCTC   KPN   Mbasics   Meitv   Medlook   Midea   MobiHealth   MobileCare    Mocreate   Philips Lighting   Rabobank   Redpike   Reggefiber    Remoticom   Rijkswaterstaat   Sioux   Splashaccess   Tango   Telfort   Timoco   TomTom   Younity   Yourpinion   Youw8   Vodafone   Weeronline   Change   WPS

Controlling Eyrise Dynamic Liquid Crystal Glazing
Mobile App and Cloud app Provisioning Bluetooth Mesh networks
Communication between beacons and smartphones for WPS parking solutions

Our view on digitalization is focused on the new opportunities that IOT offers

Performance and scalability

Projects often start small, but performance and scalability are integrated into the choices made from the start.

No vendor lock-in

We work with open standards as much as possible to prevent lock-in. An exception to this are the cloud services Azure and AWS, which we use due to their wide acceptance in the market and which require a certain level of lock-in.

Integrated experience counts

The UI of a mobile app is important. This also applies to the interaction with the environment in 'all' conceivable circumstances.

Development and support

We provide technical maintenance and guidance on publishing mobile apps in the app stores and the use of cloud services.

IOT APPS is an initiative of PhaseFour from Eindhoven. All IOT APPS activities are carried out by PhaseFour employees.

Klokgebouw 176
5617 AB, Eindhoven