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Apply advanced IOT technology to enhance your
IOT solution

IOT APPS specializes in building IOT applications for third parties. Our development ranges from IOT Mobile Apps to IOT Cloud Apps and IOT platforms with a wide variation on functionalities such as the configuration of devices (e.g. sensors), the reading and controlling of devices and  interactions with users through mobile and web. We are located in Eindhoven, the center of the Brainport region.


Your IOT challenge as the starting point

We start by trying to understand your goals and the context of the project. After that, technical aspects such as wireless connectivity, small and large loads, significant quantities of data, scalability, and costs will follow. Operational costs are always an integral part of the development process.

We listen

First of all, we listen to what you want to achieve. In doing so, we ask critical questions and often a valuable discussion arises.

We keep asking

IOT projects come in many shapes and sizes. Together with the customer, we look at the entire process and provide the knowledge and skills to complete your plans and make the right choices. We do this based on our extensive experience with IOT, from user experience to the use of various wireless technologies, from ANT to Bluetooth Low Energy, 4G, 5G and others.

We develop together

Multiple parties are often involved in an IOT process. We are used to working with different parties and taking into account different angles in which the customer is central. We try to work as much as possible with short delivery cycles for optimal involvement of the customer and other stakeholders.

IoT App Mobile development

Our view on digitization focuses on the new opportunities that IOT offers for the direction the customer wants to go

Performance and scalability

Projects often start small, but performance and scalability are integrated into the decisions from the start.

Integral experience is essential

The UI of a mobile app is important. This also applies to the interaction with the environment in 'all' conceivable circumstances.

No vendor lock-in

We work with open standards as much as possible, with the exception of the cloud services Azure and AWS, which we use because of their widespread acceptance.

Development and support

We offer technical maintenance and guidance with the publication of mobile apps in the app stores and the use of cloud services.


Innovation is the core of everything we do.

Some projects with MOBILE APPS that are connected to the physical world in addition to the internet.

Mobile App Bluetooth

Aansturing van Eyrise Dynamic Liquid Crystal Glazing

Bluetooth Mesh

Mobile App en Cloud app Provisioning Bluetooth Mesh netwerken

Mobile Apps Bluetooth

Communicatie tussen beacons en smartphone voor WPS parking solutions